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Re: Debian.org

Hi José

El 23/12/16 a las 14:26, José Gatica escribió:
> Hi friends:
> Why don't we work in a new design for Debian.org?

This was my answer to the list last time the topic about improving the


(it was not specific about the design, but my opinion is similar).

> We should thing about that, without external enterprises but with the
> community people. 


> I'm sure there are so much people interested in help
> and work with us.

I'm not so sure... I mean, IMO, there are not many Debianers with the
time, skills and motivation to work on this (as Paul Wise noted in
another thread).

In my case, I'm more interested in improving content, right now. And
I'm struggling to find time for some pending tasks in the website, so
I wouldn't open another one, for now...

But everybody is welcome to provide ideas and work on this.
I would suggest to propose specific changes, though, so we can have an
opinion if we like them, and we can also assess if they break stuff or
could lead to unintended consequences.


Laura Arjona Reina

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