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Re: Reg: Website for Debian with Keen Interest

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Hi Pradeep

El 13/07/16 a las 09:17, Pradeep Kumar S escribió:
> Hi Team,
> I have been a great user of debian OS and I like to make a big 
> change on Debian Branding. If you don't mind I can work on the 
> Debian site by being a fan. Please consider my interest and
> allow me to develop a brand new website for Debian. Waiting for
> the positive reply. Have a great day!

Thank you for your interest.
The Debian website is big and complicated.

It includes many content that it's automatically generated using wml
and Perl scripts.

It includes a system that tracks translations very well.

We try to make it without running Javascript.

Our wide and extremely diverse audience makes us be maybe more
verbose in content that what is usual nowadays.

For all this, any overhaul or migration becomes quite a difficult task

But that doesn't mean we should keep things as is, "just becasuse it
works", if there is a group of people determined to help making the
website better! Indeed the most important thing we need is people
interested in working on the website, so your mail and proposal is
really appreciated.

In my case, I'm member of the website team but not a coder nor a
designer, so my main contributions are translations and some patch
here and there to renew contect or small fixes.

I can point you, however, to some areas where you can start to work
in the website, and then, get used to its current state, and then,
make specific proposals for updates or changes.

Please have a look at:

* How it works, currently, the Debian website:

* The Debian Design team:

* The bugs or open tasks for the website:
(maybe you can pick something there to start with)

I'll send you another email (CC'ing debian-www@lists.debian.org)
with some areas where you can start to think or contribute to the
content, so you get familiarized with the structure of the pages.

(I don't send it now because I have to go, but I didn't want to
postpone answer to you more...).

Thank you for choosig Debian for your contributions to free software.

Best regards
- -- 
Laura Arjona Reina
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