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Re: Debian.org


* José Gatica <contacto@josegatica.cl> [2016-12-23 18:24:17 CET]:
> Thanks for share your point of view, really. When I talk about the
> design I mean work in the UX, and the idea born today after reading
> a mail from a user telling something about his experience with
> translations. When he changes the web page to his language and
> pressed a link to another sub-page the language change to english
> again.

 The user should tell their browser to request their preferred language
from the server.  See https://www.debian.org/intro/cn - it's the only
robust way to handle this without requiring the whole website to be
translated in all languages or eventually fall back to a language that
we just can assume the user can speak (and then they would be stuck with
that language after that).

 There is not so much possibilities to go from there.  All solutions
have a few drawbacks - the current one is people using other people's
computers where they can't/won't change the system (browser) settings
with respect to preferred language.  Given that this case is rather on
the lower side most of the times this is the one we choose to have least

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