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Re: Debian.org

Hi Garry:

Thanks for share your point of view, really. When I talk about the design I mean work in the UX, and the idea born today after reading a mail from a user telling something about his experience with translations. When he changes the web page to his language and pressed a link to another sub-page the language change to english again.

Maybe I must be more specific.

Thanks again  ;)

El 23/12/16 a las 13:39, gricketson escribió:
On 2016-12-23 07:26, José Gatica wrote:
Hi friends:

Why don't we work in a new design for Debian.org?

We should thing about that, without external enterprises but with the
community people. I'm sure there are so much people interested in help
and work with us.

I wonder why ?  I like the design as it is, There is
no reason for changing the design.
  What is the point in trying to fix something that is
not broken ?
  After getting comfortable with the site as it is I can
find my way around, the resources are well labled, etc.
  Changing the design would make everything confusing, besides
that there are all ready so many people that have put so much
into making it a excellent site, with the design they have choosen
and used for years, What would be the point in changing it ?
  I am not anybody important or anything, just a "Debian user"
but I like the Debian.org website just like it is, and it has
been a great help to me when I first started using Debian, and
continues to be very usefull when I need to look for information.
  To be honest I would hate to see any changes in the design.
  I don't know how others feel about it though.
from Garry

José Gatica A.
Wiki Debian | Wiki Debian Chile
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