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[no subject] All titles unreadable in PDFs of the Jessies'Releasenotes AMIGA 1200 Raspberry pi Distro UPDATE Version 1.4 Re: AMIGA 1200 Raspberry pi Distro UPDATE Version 1.5 Re: AMIGA LIKE OS DISTRO FOR RASPBERRY PI UPDATE V 1.3 AMIGA LIKE OS DRISTRO FOR RASPBERRY PI Bug#612208: marked as done (review of the new website style) Bug#622274: marked as done (blends linked from the main debian page) Bug#694927: marked as done ( does index listing) Bug#752859: marked as done (stattrans: List intl/index.wml under general pages) Bug#809796: make dates of packages more visible Bug#810555: marked as done (News/2015 lists 2016 news) Bug#810555: News/2015 lists 2016 news Bug#810590: contents search: outdated index for sid Bug#811547: /PageHits returns "execution failed: [unknown error handler name 'fallback:iso-8859-1']" Bug#813108: marked as done ( is unreachable) Bug#813108: is unreachable Bug#813341: Decide a place where to store logos so services can hotlink there Debian Pure Blends Webpages Debian Security Advisory - RSS feed english language release notes pdf file is not english ( I have no idea what is this!!! How doi remove myself??? Thank you I want to help Re: Problem to make a donation Question Re: Rebuilding translations when needed (was: translation-check's maxdelta oddities) Search error on Suggesting hint at apt-file at Re: suggestion to rephrase make clear the names 'stretch' and 'sid' are invariant Suggestion: add note about httpredir to Re: there isnt a dvd or cd burner in untangle linux? upgrading glinka The last update was on 08:46 GMT Sun Jul 14. There are 52 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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