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Re: Debian Pure Blends Webpages


I already answered in Debian-blends; however since this is a web related
issue, Iain asked to have it here.

"Iain R. Learmonth" <irl@debian.org> writes:
> On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 01:37:41PM +0100, Ole Streicher wrote:
>> I have some comments here (based on the build Sat, Jan 23 19:25:09 UTC 2016):
>> The font within the tables is smaller than the regular font. IMO this
>> makes it a harder to read, and also doesn't look very aesthetically
>> (just my opinion). I would try to restrict the number of fonts (and
>> sizes) to a minimum.
> The tables use the same CSS class as the tables at
> https://www.debian.org/ports/. I used it for consistency across the pages.
> If the tables should be different, this change should be applied across the
> whole website. I am happy to implement anything where there is consensus on
> the debian-www mailing list, but the discussion would have to happen there.

What is the reason that the standard table font is smaller than the
usual text font? Especially when there is not much table content, the
page then looks IMO not nice (see the blends pages,
https://www.debian.org/blends/). Also, when the pages is dominated by
the tables, it looks weird to have its mainly in a footnote-sized font.

For my Astro blends pages, I made them in the standard size, for example

What is the general opinion here?

Best regards


P.S. please Cc: me since I am not subscribed.

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