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Bug#809796: make dates of packages more visible

>>>>> "AV" == Alex Vong <alexvong1995@gmail.com> writes:

AV> I don't exactly understand what do you mean by
AV> `learn any of the DATES of any of the items listed'. If you are looking
AV> for when the package was being last updated, you can look at the news
AV> section of <https://packages.qa.debian.org/i/ideviceinstaller.html>. I

No that doesn't give a clear date... looking at e.g., dpkg.html etc, same problem.

AV> agree it will help if the package page contains something like
AV> `last updated on 1 Jan 2016'.

Yes! That's what I want.

And I would hope it would be produced totally automatically when a
package arrives at the website.

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