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Re: upgrading glinka

On Sun, 17 Jan 2016, Peter Palfrader wrote:

> I'm finally moving glinka to jessie today.


> It is home of these things:
>   o bugs-search.debian.org
>   o cdimage-search.debian.org
>   o debtags.debian.net
>   o manpages.debian.org
>   o mirror-master.debian.org

I updated the apache configs for all these things, so from the apache
side stuff seems to mostly work.  At least from the quick glimpse I gave

debtags seems to have some python django breakage that needs to be fixed.

manpages additionally needed some fixing in the document root's
.htaccess file.  (And it logged to a non-standard location.  Don't do
that - I fixed it.)

Please verify your service still works and/or fix it.

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