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Re: Help for consultants@debian.org


Le vendredi 10 octobre 2014, vers 22:52, Andrei POPESCU écrivait:
> Have you considered building a common framework for handling all kind of 
> submissions? CD vendors, consultants, Who's using Debian, etc. could all 
> be handled with the same tools provided they are flexible enough. There 
> have been discussions in the past, but nothing materialised. Some ideas 
> are collected on
> https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Webmaster/Submissions

Indeed, I would like to automate this. But does ikiwiki provide a
connexion to a database ? I thaught the main great advantage of ikiwiki
was not using a database. If I am right, I propose such idea:

0) adapt current css to a django form connected to a database.
1) adapt Raphaëls script to populate the database
2) send email with uniq url (token) for each : they update their informations
3) cronly.py ouput the ikiwiki page and/or update git after human reading check

That is just a proposition that correspond to my skills. 

If you know another solution, just tell me.


Alexandre Delanoë

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