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Bug#681501: Debian France on Debian's new donations page?

tags 681501 +patch

On Thu, Oct 09, 2014 at 09:31:19AM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> > If anyone reading this mail has the details already and can commit to
> > the website CVS repository, please add Debian France there.
> ENOTIME sorry

Patch attached, I'll commit this later if there's no objections.

Index: donations.wml
RCS file: /cvs/webwml/webwml/english/donations.wml,v
retrieving revision 1.71
diff -u -r1.71 donations.wml
--- donations.wml	8 Oct 2014 17:33:18 -0000	1.71
+++ donations.wml	9 Oct 2014 11:14:09 -0000
@@ -63,6 +63,14 @@
 <td>Germany, tax-exempt non-profit</td>
+<td><a href="#debianfrance">Debian France</acronym></a></td>
+ <a href="#debianfrance-bank">wire transfer</a>,
+ <a href="#debianfrance-paypal">PayPal</a>
+<td>Germany, tax-exempt non-profit</td>
 <td><a href="#debian">Debian</a></td>
  <a href="#debian-equipment">equipment</a>,
@@ -162,6 +170,27 @@
 Please mention that the donation is for Debian.
+<h3 id="debianfrance">Debian France</h3>
+The <a href="https://france.debian.net/";>Debian France Association</a> is a
+1901 registered organisation in France founded to support and promote the
+Debian Project in France.
+<h4 id="debianfrance-bank">Wire transfer</h4>
+Donations via wire transfer are availabel to the bank account listed on the <a
+href="https://france.debian.net/soutenir/#compte";>Debian France donations
+page</a>. Receipts are available for those donations by emailing
+<a href="mailto:ca@france.debian.net";>ca@france.debian.net</a>.
+<h4 id="debianfrance-paypal">PayPal</h4>
+Donations can be sent via PayPal on the <a href="https://france.debian.net/galette/plugins/galette-plugin-paypal/paypal_form.php?pref_lang=en_US";>Debian France PayPal page</a>. These can be directed to the Debian France specifically, or the Debian Project in general.
 # Template:
 #<h3 id=""></h3>

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