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Re: SSL for screenshots.debian.net?

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On 12.02.2014 22:00, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Feb 2014, Christoph Haas wrote:
>> I will keep that basic concept in the rewrite. However I will use
>> an actively maintained Ruby framework based on Rack so that the
>> operation should be easy for the next 5+ years.
> I have yet to go through one stable update that doesn't break all
> of my ruby scripts.  If you want stability, then this might not be
> the best choice.

That bad? In my experience the situation isn't all roses and happiness
in the Python ecosystem either. Suddenly the module versions from PyPi
are no longer available. Or PIL (which I require a lot for image
processing) becomes unavailable, gets forked and has an unclear future
with Python 3. RubyGems or Pypi… I believe that both share the same
problem of problematic long-term support of module versions.

But I know what you mean. Ruby modules are a moving target.

The reason I chose Ruby was to have a language others may be familiar
with, too. Python is a nice language. I didn't find a web framework
that was fun to code with. Pylons is deprecated. Pyramid is plain
weird for common web applications (more like a framework for other
frameworks and not for people who need to write actual working web
applications). Django is nice and widespread but very narrow-minded
and arguably not the best choice for an open-minded image database.

Rails application seem to be deployable for several years from what I
heard of other sysadmins. Of course after a few years you start
running into problems again with missing gems, broken dependencies or
changes Rails versions. The morale probably is that any non-trivial
web application needs some constant love. And there is nothing worse
than a deprecated framework. :(

And I'm using Padrino at the moment which is much simpler and easier
to understand than Rails but is based on Rack and other common and
well-maintained gems. So as long as we can get mod_passenger on the
server we should be fine.

However the project should be fun to complete and maintain. So if
anything should force me to program in PHP or Java I'll leave the
project. Volunteers like us need to have fun with their work, too. :)

> With my dsa hat on I suspect we'd be ok to run ruby scripts if
> their dependencies are in stable and there is some wsgi like means
> to launch them from apache (or we just proxy to something that got
> started manually).

mod_passenger should work. Preferably with RVM to fulfill the exact
Gem requirements. Yes, I know, I'm using DEB packages wherever
possible. But especially for non-trivial web applications and
fast-moving scripting languages you rarely have the right set of
module versions around to operate the application. Yes, reality is
stupid. :)


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