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Re: SSL for screenshots.debian.net?

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On 12.02.2014 20:18, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Feb 2014, Christoph Haas wrote:
>> Thanks for the clarification. I would like to consider that once
>> I have the next major version of the underlying application ready
>> to be deployed. Good to hear that the policy has become so
>> liberal. What amount of lead time would be required to request
>> such resources?
> Minutes to Days, maybe a tiny number of weeks.  As you know, we're
> all volunteers and sometimes other commitments prevent us from
> doing the important things :)

Perfect. 2-4 weeks is fine. I'm likely running thorough tests before

> This might be one of the easier deployments, as you probably
> already know exactly how much disk space and memory you'll need.

Right. Although a rewrite of the application may have different
requirements. But I've been in the sysadmin business for 18 years so I
think I can give pretty good estimates and have the admin-side in mind.

> Have you given any consideration into making this service
> mirrorable? I.e. have one master instance through which updates are
> added, and more hosts that can then serve the content to
> end-users?

Yes, I have. The challenge would mainly be the storage backends.
PostgreSQL has been my favorite database. But replication was an issue
as all mirrors would have to be able to write and send their updates
to other servers. Besides the actual image (PNG) blobs would have to
be copied, too. So I wondered if I have to implement replication on an
application layer.

An alternative would be MongoDB. (I once tried CouchDB but I'm pretty
sure it's the wrong tool for the job.) MongoDB could even store the
image blobs within the collection and replicate them. As far as I
understand MongoDB though there is only one master at a time. So if
screenshots.ubuntu.com would receive a new screenshot upload it would
have to contact the master server which may be another node in the
MongoDB cluster elsewhere in the world. Not only would all mirrors
need to able to work in a cluster - but also the latency of the slave
to the master server might become a problem.

I have already put way more thought than code into the rewrite. :)

Simple mirrors would work in a master/slave fashion. But that is not
the concept of using a common screenshot database for multiple

Suggestions welcome though… I have a good idea of the application. But
at this stage I can still do some major design changes without losing
much work.


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