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Re: Problems adding events to website


Le 22/06/2012 03:36, Luca Capello a écrit :

> […] ATM this process does not
> automatically grant webwml access, something the Events team did not
> realize beforehand.
> How should we proceed and improve future inclusions?  IMHO webwml access
> should be automatically granted

I think it would be a terrible idea, and recent examples seems to backup
this statement.

> (obviously, with hints to the webwml
> documentation), given that Events members should be able to modify
> w.d.o/events pages.  Does the WWW team agree or should each new member
> ask for such an access?

I do believe the event team should take care of training their new
members, and commit file they prepare after proper proofread and test.
Once the trainees do a good job, vouch for them and ask the webmasters
to grant them write access, as any other team.

Event team, please check that my last fixes [0] are correct. Those are
not grave mistakes, but they are numerous (including those in a past few
days). Please don't push on other's shoulders the burden to take care of
your section of the website.

Please, do *not* commit translated pages without proofread by the
related l10n team (and please consider asking for proofread of English
pages on debian-l10n-english@l.d.o anyway).



> 0: http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/webwml/webwml/english/events/2012/0924-guaiba.wml?r1=1.2&r2=1.3

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