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Bug#684883: [www.debian.org] French Ports page claims Debian is ported to all Linux architectures

Quoting Filipus Klutiero (chealer@gmail.com):

> >As you see, I can cut hair, too. I'm even very good at this.
> Well, thank you, but my cut is fresh. Let's stick to our topic for now.

Dropping the argument, now. Tired. Tu me fatigues. T'as gagné, t'es
content, tu as le dernier mot.

/me hands une pelle et un seau et maintenant, tu es gentil, tu vas
faire des pâtés de sable ailleurs que dans mon bac à sable à moi,
merci. Sinon, je mords..:-)

(anyone reading the BTS and needing a translation and not being
Philippe, please contact me in private...even if you read this in 10
years and this bug is still opened)

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