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Bug#684883: [www.debian.org] French Ports page claims Debian is ported to all Linux architectures

Quoting Filipus Klutiero (chealer@gmail.com):

> >>>The Linux kernel has now been ported to a large, and growing, list
> >>>of architectures. Following close behind, we have ported the
> >>>Debian distribution to these architectures.
> >>The French translation is:
> >>
> >>>Le noyau Linux est porté sur un nombre croissant d'architectures.
> >>>Et la distribution Debian est portée en conséquence vers toutes
> >>>ces architectures.
> >>
> >>This is incorrect. While the English version may be ambiguous, it
> >>does not claim that Debian is ported to all Linux architectures. It
> >>means Debian is ported to *some* Linux architectures.
> >Both claim about the same thing. The French version is a little be
> >more affirmative (using "toutes") but that's mostly because the
> >original version is already ambiguous.
> It's not a matter of how affirmative the statement is. The reality
> is that Debian is ported to some Linux architectures, but not all.
> The French version claims it is ported to all Linux architectures,
> which is incorrect. The English version is ambiguous, the only thing
> it says for sure is that Debian was ported to some Linux
> architectures, which is not wrong.


*to these* architectures: it implies that Debian is ported to all
architectures the Linux kernel is ported to.

And I maintain that "Following close behind" *in that context* means
that the latter is the consequence of the former.

As you see, I can cut hair, too. I'm even very good at this.

My main point is: please have the original text changed before asking
to change translations. I will not move from that
stance. debian-l10n-english is your friend.

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