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Re: Who's *still* or *not* using Debian?

On Saturday 12 November 2011 21:40:21 David Prévot wrote:

> Something asked to consultants that would actually makes sense too,
> would be to ask for an URL where users stat they are actually using
> Debian: the page won't be linked from the Debian website, but it would
> provide us an easy way to check via a script if the page is still valid
> and actually refers to Debian. I'll add that in my request, it won't be
> mandatory for this first run, but could be if nobody disagrees about
> that (see attached patch).

I think some organisations may have guidelines restricting what can be 
published on their website, or perhaps they don't want to give this 
information on their own website, in which case requiring them to have a URL 
mentioning Debian, could result in us not being able to list them.

However, I agree that from our maintenance point of view it would certainly 
make life easier to have such a page.

Another matter is who is submitting the information to us.  When adding a new 
entry, I sometimes get the impression that the submitter isn't related to the 
organisation itself, but just happens to have "inside information".
> For the time being, “Who's using Debian?” mails are sent directly to
> this list (and handled by Kåre, thanks for that too), so the submitter
> mail address is already public. On the other hand, I don't know how it
> was handled in the past, and the email address, even if stored on the
> webwml CVS repository, doesn't appear publicly on the www.d.o website,
> so I'm not sure we want to make this “ping process” totally public (e.g.
> via the BTS). 

Until "Tue Feb 25 05:36:21 2003 UTC"[1] mails went to Colin Walters' Debian 

> Only webmaster@d.o will be flooded by this process, (six
> of us are following this alias and the mailbox archive is available to
> all DD), but I'm totally fine with using the BTS in the future if you
> think it's worth it, we've already began to play with usertags anyway [3].

The BTS would be fine in my opinion, making it easier to track submissions and 
updates over time.

> I think we should have started this ping process a long time ago, so I
> won't delay it anymore. 

Thanks for taking on this daunting task.


Regards, Kaare

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