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Re: consultants: some proposal on german entries

Hi Holger,

Il giorno gio, 20/10/2011 alle 22.24 +0200, Holger Wansing ha scritto:
> So, dear members of the consultants subproject:
> On http://www.debian.org/consultants/ I found different formats
> for the phone numbers.
> Should that be changed to a consistent format?
> Should always an international phone number be listed (even if the
> consultant only provided a national number?)
> Should the relevant consultants be contacted due to this question?

I did not see any reply yet. My opinion, as already expressed before, is
that I wouldn't change data as provided by consultants. At least, I
wouldn't change anything without their permission.

If enough people agree, your suggestions could be added to the info
page, so that new listing requests could be submitted with international
telephone numbers. I think even street/city address could benefit by a
format rule.


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