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debconf & debcamp: who's attending


 For those who haven't noticed yet, there is yet another debconf with
preceeding debcamp coming up. It will start in a bit more than a month,
and actually I'm not sure who will be attending the conference and also
the debcamp. For myself, I'll be there for the whole two weeks
(potentially not the first day though, still in travel).

 Reason being, we might want to form a more complete picture on what we
can and can not do during debcamp. My plans are to work on the packages
site, and there are also plans to get the UTF8 transition finally
settled, with hopefully enough speakers from the different languages
around to check afterwards. But I would like to hear from other ideas,

 Also, zobel organizes a track about Debian's web services, and I
dropped in a talk from the webmaster team, for which I am willing and
seeking input on what to speak about besides the usually FAQ candidates
and explaining why things are like they are so people wanting to push
for a change have a better understanding and can try to refrain from
scathing and unhelpful rants.

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