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Re: debconf & debcamp: who's attending

-=| Gerfried Fuchs, Tue, Jun 07, 2011 at 07:14:06AM +0200 |=-
> For those who haven't noticed yet, there is yet another debconf with 
> preceeding debcamp coming up. It will start in a bit more than 
> a month, and actually I'm not sure who will be attending the 
> conference and also the debcamp. For myself, I'll be there for the 
> whole two weeks (potentially not the first day though, still in 
> travel).

I am arriving on 21st, so almost half DebCamp (+ the whole 

I will most probably go after my own pet projects, like more 
gettext-ization (Hi, MadameZou!) and image translation. UTF8 
conversion sounds like a lot of fun/breakage too, so you can count me 
in if you need someone to do the work/take the blame :)

Soo you soon!

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