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Re: debconf

I will be at DebConf and DebCamp.

During debcamp I want to improve the situation with the debwiki theme.
Currently there are no updates to the CSS and images. My approach will
be to keep the wiki-specific parts in the wiki git and have the rest
pulled from webwml CVS.

There is a wiki BoF in the web services track, not sure about the agenda
yet but I'm sure people will have some ideas.

I'll also be working on the derivatives census during debcamp. I'd like
to sync it with the website children-distros page and discuss what
information should go where.

In addition, the derivatives census includes (some possibly incomplete,
but all validated with apt-get) sources.list snippets for 20
derivatives, I'd like to talk about possible integration with the
packages site and how that should work.



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