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Re: New website layout feedback


On 21 March 2011 18:07, Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@yahoo.it> wrote:

Hi Luís,
thank you for your nice email.

No problem, I really liked the surprise! :)
I'm working on some little fixes for the website, and it would be great if you
could send us the Debian logo with the fade effect "fixed" as seen
on the attachment of your mail.

The images I sent with the report were the ones I edited. After I sent the e-mail, however, I noticed that this might not be as easy to solve as it seemed.

On the upper zone of the page, the transition between the left-hand background to the background of the centre of the page is smooth and looks nice. However, on the lower zone, at the level of the "breadcrumbs", the issue I reported is visible.
What I did on the previous report was simply to make the fade effect on the left-hand side to fade to the colour of the breadcrumbs bar and then fade to white. But this only works for the text size I had selected at the time.

My idea is that the logo should have a transparent background (as it does now) and the background of the page on that zone should be the same as the one on the pages' centre (this is also what happens now).
It is the background of the "breadcrumbs" bar that makes it look a bit odd with the transition to white on the left, near the logo. That breadcrumbs bar goes down when the text is increased and so that darker background goes lower with a different text size. Actually, when the text size is very huge and the Debian logo is above the breadcrumbs bar, it doesn't look bad at all (if one ignores the very huge text). This makes me think that if the logo was always always on the very top of the page, probably that transition wouldn't look as bad.

This is hard to explain by e-mail, please tell me if you can't understand something. :\


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