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Re: New website layout feedback

On Sunday, 6 Feb 2011 12:00:25 Luís Picciochi Oliveira wrote:
>What a great surprise I had when I entered debian.org today! :D
>Thank you, the site looks great!
>I just found two little glitches, or things that I think do not look too well:
>1. The header has a nice fade effect, but behind the Debian logo on the left,
>the background's fade effect is not the same and looks kind of "broken" as it
> I think it would look nicer if the background behind the logo had the same
>fade colours as that of the central header (see attachments).

Hi Luís,
thank you for your nice email.
I'm working on some little fixes for the website, and it would be great if you
could send us the Debian logo with the fade effect "fixed" as seen
on the attachment of your mail. 

Thank you in advance,

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