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Re: Kalle's Proposal: gitweb

* Kalle Söderman <kalle.soderman@gmail.com> [2010-07-06 00:52:00 CEST]:
> It should alway point to debian.org in my opinion. I have been slightly
> unsure whether we can vary the top links across subdomains but have
> always intended the logo to be absolutely "home".

 See my other reply on this topic. :)

> It seems that changing the top links is not that useful so perhaps
> they should stay as per w.d.o  as well. My inital thoughts were that
> the complex sites such as alioth and pts would need their own topnav
> to function smoothly.

 I also think that the top nav should be site specific, too. If we want
to go with one home (to www) logo link and one navbar we will have to
integrate the different subsites much much more to be able to find them
more easily and not create navigation woes with losing the site where
one actually was in the first place.

> As indicated on the wiki page [1] I intended the text part of the logo
> to form part of the breadcrumbs. This suggests that the first breadcrumb
> should be the subdomain (as seen on dsa.d.o) but should also be
> preceded by a slash.

 Ah! Then with that we have a clear path to not lose people in the
navigation, in that light the logo link to www makes sense (again, if
www gets a good hold to link back to what other sites are combined in
that effort).

> at git.deb.at I used 
> 	div.page_header:before {
> 		content: "/";
> 	}
> In the site specific stylesheet. Which should work for dsa.d.o as well.
> Otherwise a change in the backend templates would be a more robust
> solution.

 As we want that on every site I guess it's a good idea to put that
directly into the debian.css file indeed.

 So long!
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