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Re: Kalle's Proposal: gitweb

On 23:43 Mon 05 Jul, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> Nice! I took the liberty to edit it a bit and add a paragraph about
> ''Sites in progess moving to kallesdesign''.

Excellent, just the kind of thing I intended it for. 

> I have some more general question: 
> * Where is the "logo link" supposed to be pointing to? For git.deb.at
>   and dsa.debian.org they are currently pointing to the current
>   subdomain, while i would expect others would find it better to link to
>   www.debian.org

It should alway point to debian.org in my opinion. I have been slightly
unsure whether we can vary the top links across subdomains but have
always intended the logo to be absolutely "home". It seems that changing
the top links is not that useful so perhaps they should stay as per
w.d.o  as well. My inital thoughts were that the complex sites such as
alioth and pts would need their own topnav to function smoothly.

As indicated on the wiki page [1] I intended the text part of the logo
to form part of the breadcrumbs. This suggests that the first breadcrumb
should be the subdomain (as seen on dsa.d.o) but should also be
preceded by a slash.

at git.deb.at I used 

	div.page_header:before {
		content: "/";

In the site specific stylesheet. Which should work for dsa.d.o as well.
Otherwise a change in the backend templates would be a more robust

> * How are "visited links" supposed to look like? At git.deb.at we
>   currently have a mix of both, unchanged color and changed color,
>   depending on whether you are in the footer or somewhere in the
>   content/breadcrumbs 

I would say visited links should have a diffrent colour. Where the
links are toggles or the site is application-like, visited link colour
is less useful and possibly even a problem. Gitweb is quite close to an
application in some respects. The way it works now is not fully worked
out though.
> * IMHO we should define one fontsize as our standard. Font size
>   currently differs quite heavy between dsa.d.o and git.deb.at.

Body text should use the default font-size. For data intensive listings
and tabulations that are heavily structured the 0.75em font size is much
better as you do not 'read' but rather scan the text. This is why the
font is smaller at git.deb.at the intro text should be normal body size
though.  Slipped through...

> Expect more questions to come up! :)

Keep'em coming!

Kalle Söderman   http://www.kalleswork.net   pgp AEE520DC

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