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Re: Kalle's Proposal: gitweb

* Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@debian.org> [2010-07-05 23:43:41 CEST]:
> Nice! I took the liberty to edit it a bit and add a paragraph about
> ''Sites in progess moving to kallesdesign''.

 Added www.deb.at too, and am thinking of reactivating packages.deb.at
(still down) too just for completeness.

> I have some more general question: 
> * Where is the "logo link" supposed to be pointing to? For git.deb.at
>   and dsa.debian.org they are currently pointing to the current
>   subdomain, while i would expect others would find it better to link to
>   www.debian.org

 I don't like that idea. As long as www.debian.org doesn't point back
easily to the other pages this is a very bad usability idea. People do
expect to get to the home of the current site with the homing link on
the top of the pages.

> * How are "visited links" supposed to look like? At git.deb.at we
>   currently have a mix of both, unchanged color and changed color,
>   depending on whether you are in the footer or somewhere in the
>   content/breadcrumbs 

 I think this might be a shortcoming of gitweb itself, should be
possible to investigate. I do like the idea to have them different.

> * IMHO we should define one fontsize as our standard. Font size
>   currently differs quite heavy between dsa.d.o and git.deb.at.

 I think gitweb is also to balme here, I think kalle has only minorly
tweaked debgit.css yet.

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