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Re: News/press/index.wml and past years

-=| Damyan Ivanov, Sat, Jun 26, 2010 at 10:52:41AM +0300 |=-
> While updating Bulgarian translation of News/press/index.wml I noticed 
> that there is no link to the wiki-collected press articless for 2009 
> in the English file.
> First I was going to just add another <li>, but then realized that in 
> some 6 months the situation would repeat. So I tries to add some Perl 
> code to the part that generates past articles (not in the wiki). This 
> worked nicely and I have rendering like this:
>     To help us remember when and where the press mentioned Debian, 
>     this page was created: <Press coverage 2010 at Debian Wiki>
>     Press coverage from previous years can be viewed using the 
>     following pages:
>         * <Past articles from 2009 collected at Debian Wiki>
>         * <Past articles from 2008 collected at Debian Wiki>
>         * <Past articles from 2007 collected at Debian Wiki>
>         * <Past articles from 2006 collected at Debian Wiki>
>         * <Past articles from 2005>
>         * <Past articles from 2004>
>     (links indicated witn angle brackets)
> Now I wonder how to proceed with translations.
>  (a) leave them alone and let translators make the change themselves
>  (b) do all the work for them, and bump the translation-check header 
>      when the translation was up to date
>  (c) do all the work for them, but leave the translation-check
>      header unchanged

I have deployed (b) and the rendering seems fine. It would be nice if 
native speakers of the affected languages could skim over 
http://www.debian.org/News/press/ and see if there is some problem 
that I haven't cought:

     català  dansk  Deutsch  English  español  français  hrvatski  
     Italiano  Nederlands  日本語 (Nihongo)  polski  Português  
     Русский (Russkij)  suomi  svenska  українська (ukrajins'ka) 

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