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News/press/index.wml and past years

While updating Bulgarian translation of News/press/index.wml I noticed 
that there is no link to the wiki-collected press articless for 2009 
in the English file.

First I was going to just add another <li>, but then realized that in 
some 6 months the situation would repeat. So I tries to add some Perl 
code to the part that generates past articles (not in the wiki). This 
worked nicely and I have rendering like this:

    To help us remember when and where the press mentioned Debian, 
    this page was created: <Press coverage 2010 at Debian Wiki>

    Press coverage from previous years can be viewed using the 
    following pages:

        * <Past articles from 2009 collected at Debian Wiki>
        * <Past articles from 2008 collected at Debian Wiki>
        * <Past articles from 2007 collected at Debian Wiki>
        * <Past articles from 2006 collected at Debian Wiki>
        * <Past articles from 2005>
        * <Past articles from 2004>

    (links indicated witn angle brackets)

Now I wonder how to proceed with translations.

 (a) leave them alone and let translators make the change themselves
 (b) do all the work for them, and bump the translation-check header 
     when the translation was up to date
 (c) do all the work for them, but leave the translation-check header 

(a) seems particularly bad to me, as it forces people not necessarily 
fluent with Perl to apply code changes.

(b) does all the work for the translators, but relies on me not 
messing things up.

(c) provides a safety-net at the expence of translator time

I am confident I can handle (b) right. My vim can work with UTF and 
lecacy encodings and even if 'cvs diff' takes ages (on slow mobile 
link), I am ready to invest the effort.

However, that would be the first change like this I do and I may not 
have the whole picture. What would you do?

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