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Re: conversion to subversion


Am Sonntag, den 23.03.2008, 15:09 +0100 schrieb Bas Zoetekouw:
> Together with Raphaël Hertzog, I've been working on coverting the webwml
> repository to Subversion for a little while now.

 How much in size does a subversion checkout increase compared to an cvs
checkout? It's a bit more than double the size, right?

 But I have one specific question that I hope you can answer right ahead
because you said you worked on all the scripts, too: Does
translation-check still work as expected? That is, in connection with
the mindelta/maxdelta messages? Does this also work offline or does it
require to be online to be able to build a webpage? And would PeterK's
script to purge aged outdated pages be easily adaptable to that?

 So long,

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