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conversion to subversion


Together with Raphaël Hertzog, I've been working on coverting the webwml
repository to Subversion for a little while now.

Although Subversion is not such a big improvement over CVS as we might
have liked, other systems, like git, have certain disadvantages
(which mainly have to do with the possibility of partial checkout, a
steeper learning curve for translators, and the compatibility with the
current scripts) that are hard to overcome at this time.  In any case, i
think moving to Subversion is an improvement.

A testing repository is currently available at Alioth:
 *  http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/webwml
 *  svn://svn.debian.org/webwml/
 *  svn+ssh://user@svn.debian.org/svn/webwml
Most of the people who have been working on the website should have
write access already through the svn+ssh interface.

Note that this is a scratch repository.  It was converted from CVS a few
weeks ago, so some wml files are out of date.  Feel free to try it out
and commit stuff there, but keep in mind that ALL CHANGES WILL BE LOST
when we make the transition for real.

I've been working on converting the perl scripts.  Most of those are
done, but I'm stil working on the smart_change.pl, touch_files.pl, and
touch_translations.pl.  Please test any of the other scripts you're
familiar with!
Some have been rewritten for scratch almost, and I'm not entirely sure
if all functionality that was there in the previous versions, is still
present and functional.  Please let me know if you find a bug, or would
like to have some functionality added.

One other thing I haven't tested yet, is hte actual building of the
website.  I wouldn't be altogether surprised if some of the wml files
and embedded perl script depend on accessing CVS/Entries or something
like that in order to build correctly.  Please let me know if you find
such a case.

Depending on how the testing goes, we'll set a date for the real
transition later (probably in a few weeks).

Happy testing!


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