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Re: conversion to subversion

Bas Zoetekouw <bas@debian.org> wrote:
> Peter wrote: [...]
> > And what are the gains from moving to Subversion? Besides tracking copies 
> > and having a globally unique revision history, I can't really see any 
> > gains as far as webwml is concerned. But feel free to enlighten me.
> Better robustness, for one.  While converting the CVS repository to svn,
> we found quite a few half-commited files and stuff like that.  That
> shouldn't happen with subversion anymore. 

Can you fix the ones in CVS, please?

> Furthermore, svn has a bit
> nicer offline operation than CVS (although it is nothing like git, of
> course),

What offline operation does svn have now?  I thought it only worked
offline properly with things like git-svn.

> and it supports things like file moves (retaining chinge history).

Peter wrote "besides tracking copies".

> Also, subversion is actually actively maintained upstream.

Is this to suggest that CVS isn't actually actively maintained
upstream?  info-cvs seems to be ticking over still, so why?

Please, don't move from CVS to SVN and junk all the contributors and
many of their tools for a minimal gain like tracking file moves.
Consider moving to something which gives new useful features like
distributed working directly, like git.

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