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Re: Automatic update of pages

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On 23-12-2007 19:20, David Paleino wrote:
> Il giorno Sun, 23 Dec 2007 19:08:09 -0200
> "Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)" <faw@funlabs.org> ha scritto:
>> On 23-12-2007 18:43, David Paleino wrote:
>>> I think I've solved this problem, [...]
>> 	IMHO, no. Every language copy the English file, translate
>> it and add a header called translation-check, how are you going
>> to update all the languages?
> I got an idea about this. I was thinking of getting packages descriptions from
> DDTP files (Translation-<lang>). Isn't it possible to do something like
> (writing PHP-style, since I don't know WML):
> ...header...
> <?php
>     include ("data/packages.html")
> ?>
> ...footer...
> This way, translators should only translate the header and the footer, since
> the "inner data" is already translated from DDTP (or, if not, is in English).
> But probably this might be a problem, since Charles told me that the pages
> _must_ be fully translated. In this case we would have partially-translated
> pages, if all the descriptions on DDTP are not available.

	Yes, it is a problem and it also seems a little bit of
duplicating contents/efforts. The Debian Web Site has a very
specific way of being built and the translation system has an
established set of procedures, adding "untranslated" texts
from DDTP in it seems out of context at a first glance.

>> 	I don't know exactly what you want to change on the
>> pages so I can't give better hints/tips/info because I don't
>> know exactly the problem is.
> Those pages are manually updated. My script would just take the packages from
> the task files I linked before, and update the pages accordingly.

	Ok, if we are talking about "colors" and related info,
that can be made with a .data file for all the languages, and
you will only need to commit it (or provide it) in a proper
way.  But if it include the description of the translations,
then I think it is more in the line of a new application or
another approach (like links to DDTP).

	This seems a new type of problem and I don't think
that the "automatic updates" represent a good solution.
packages.d.o uses DDTP translations, perhaps you need some
sort of "new infrastructure" to provide resources for other
CDDs, in a similar way with what we already discussed for

>> But you have mainly two ways to go: (1) use an external source of data for
>> the changes you want and (2) use an internal (committed to the CVS) source
>> of data.
> You're coming to my previous point here: isn't it possible to have an "include"
> command in WML (/me is googling for that) to get external HTML / XHTML / WML
> sources? In that case, the only problem would be the write access to CVS for
> the script.

	You also have the translation problem. And AFAIK, the
website uses outside meta data but don't use outside text like
(X)HTML/WML, specially because of the structure of statistics
for translations, the "include" still doesn't seem to fit, it
is probably a "hack" but right now, I wouldn't support its
inclusion. :-(

Kind regards,
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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
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