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Re: Automatic update of pages

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On 23-12-2007 18:43, David Paleino wrote:
> Il giorno Sun, 23 Dec 2007 18:38:09 -0200
> "Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)" <faw@funlabs.org> ha scritto:
>> 	Automatic updates direct in the files would break the
>> sync of translation check for other languages and the website
>> mirrors.
> I think I've solved this problem, which occurred on our website with SVN
> commits, with a little hack. Update the pages into a different directory of
> the one that would be shown outside, and copy them over the old ones once the
> update is finished. Is that feasible? (Or maybe I didn't understand what you
> mean)

	IMHO, no. Every language copy the English file, translate
it and add a header called translation-check, how are you going
to update all the languages?  Not only that, but if you do that on
gluck we will have webmirrors out-of-date. And, if this is only
"meta data" to be update, specially machine readable, there is no
point in update it _before_ the wwwbuild, let the build process do
it in a consistent way for all languages and allowing all webmirrors
to sync the up-to-date file.

>> In a first look, I can imagine two approaches:
>> 1) A "status" file with metadata outside the CVS
>> 	Similar to the PO statistics, the build script could
>> 	download the "status" from Debian-Med and generate
>> 	the different pages for the different languages at
>> 	build time.
>> 2) A "status" file with metadata inside the CVS
>> 	Have a .data file used by the build script but instead
>> 	of being downloaded automatically it would be commited
>> 	to the CVS.
> I can't get what you're meaning here. I'm sorry I don't know
> debian-www internals, could you elaborate a bit more?

	I don't know exactly what you want to change on the
pages so I can't give better hints/tips/info because I don't
know exactly the problem is. But you have mainly two ways to
go: (1) use an external source of data for the changes you
want and (2) use an internal (committed to the CVS) source
of data.

	Probably, you will need to tell wwwbuild the
information that needs to be update, similar to what is done
by the PO statistics:


	When the wwwbuild runs, it will check what is needed
and will generate the files up-to-date with what you want.
The website is build 6 times a day (lessoften runs only once)
and you should update what is needed between build time to
get your info published. You just need to tell us, or wwwbuild
what you want to update.

	Try to avoid mess with the .wml files itself because
it will generate extra work for translators if you commit
such update every hour. You can learn more about the website
infrastructure here:


Kind regards
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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
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