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Re: Inconsistency on translated pages links.


On Saturday 28 April 2007 12:48, Jens Seidel wrote:
> And why do you not report this? I remember only one maybe two mails from
> you! Together with a proper fix it will be committed in less than one
> hour!

I did report those, but the resistance on the on the debian-i18n-de 
mailinglist made me gave up on this. 

Werkzeugkette (toolchain), Veröffentlichungsziele (release goals), DSAs, 
subversion depots (translating repository (which is used in the official 
translation of the svn book) with depot, which is no german word as well), 
etc. were too much for me. There were quite some more, though I have to 
admit, now that I took a very brief look at the page in german again, that it 
looks a bit better now. Though "Entfernte Privilegien-Eskalation" (remote 
priviledge escalation) is still... not something I want to read personally.

So, yes, I think it has become better. Thanks to those of you working on it. I 
appreciate it, as I know many german speaking people have problems 
understanding the english pages. 

But I do have problems understanding the german site and yet I want to browse 
the rest of the web in german, and this is not possible with the current 

Those are two different problems, and you dont fix one by fixing the other.


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