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Re: Inconsistency on translated pages links.

Hi Rolando,

On Sun, Apr 22, 2007 at 10:55:23PM -0600, Rolando Quiros wrote:
> I was browsing through the site and noticed that even after i had changed to
> the spanish version, every time i clicked on a link it would take to the
> english version of the page. Could we improve this by either creating a

that's because Debian's website use content negotation to display the
proper translation and is controlled by your browser settings.
See http://www.debian.org/intro/cn for details.

> separate directory and copy/move other languages pages and links to them ?
> or what if anything can we do for this ? ... for people wanting to browse

No, this is not possible. Assume you want to view the Spanish translation
of a page which is missing. You would probably get the Enlish version
(dependent on your browser settings). If you follow a link in this page
you want to get the Spanish page not the English one, right?

> through the site in other languages should be really annoying having to wait
> for a page to load, just to click on a link, to wait for it to load on the
> language they want...every time for every page.

It was already suggested multiple times to remember users choice of
the selected language. There where also some suggestions to a possible
implementation such as using cookies. Don't know about the status.

Please note that Debian's website has currently a few contraints such
as using only static content (no javascript, ...) and allows also
mirroring of the content ...


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