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Re: New Debian Site

On Wed, Oct 18, 2006 at 08:45:10AM +0200, Jens Seidel wrote:
> > 4) Last I would also put a "print page" in each page so that users don't
> > have to
> > print with all the colors in the way. (this can be easily done with CSSs.)
> I would not like this. Each browser has a printing function and there
> exists also tools such as html2ps. If you want avoid printing colors just
> select the monochrome printer spooler!?

There are things that are totally useless on a printout of a webpage.
The blue menu on the main page, the options to select another language
or mirror, etc, make no sense on a printout. It is sensible to hide them

That does not require using a "print this page" or "printer-friendly
version" link; CSS has "media types" which allow you to modify the
lay-out of a page depending on whether you're viewing it in a graphical
browser, printing it out, or using a speech synthesizer to listen to it
(for the blind). I believe this is what was being referred to, rather
than one of those totally broken links that you seen on so many
webpages these days.

If you want to see this in action: firefox understands the difference
between media types (at least the difference between "view in graphical
browser" and "print out"), and Wikipedia has media type support in their
CSS. Just ask for a print preview in firefox of any wikipedia page, and
you'll see what is being meant here.

> > Please let me know your opinions and, if appreciated by the web developing
> > team,
> > weather you are able to modify the site to implement these features.
> You should always rely on others. We can give hints and maybe agree on a
> solution, but you should maybe show us your results too.

Eh, doesn't the paragraph above miss a "not" here?

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