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New Debian Site

I have been a Linux fan for years. Although I am not as competent as I
would like to be, I am slowly gaining experience.
I have been trying to understand the reason for which Ubuntu is
gaining so much popularity among the linux world.
What I have come up with, might be an wierd idea, but I thought it
would have been interesting anyhow to share my thoughts.
In the past years inexperienced users (by inexperienced I mean those
who have just started using linux OS) have been increasing
exponentially. Now, if I were an new linux user and came across Ubuntu
and Debian, after having visited the two sites, I would have no doubt
of choosing Ubuntu:
The Ubuntu has a more friendly look, compared to that of the too
serious and, if I may say, "old", of the Debian site.
Now I personally think that most of the times a site reflects the
quality of the product it's selling, and I think that the Debian's
site does not reflect it as well as it could.
I am still young (17 years old), but I have been interested in
webdesign for a very long time, and now have gained an advance
experience (I also took part in University courses at Harvard of
Webdevelopment). I would love to help out the linux world and would be
very happy to collaborate in creating a new site for Debian or if you
would like I could send you a gif of what I think could be an
interesting idea for a new site.
If you are interested in my proposal, please let me know,

Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you soon,
Augusto Frausin

PS. Sorry for the grammatical errors but I am Italian!

Augusto Frausin

Via Panizza 11
20144, Milan

tel: +39-02-43911692
cell: +39-349-3925166

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