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Re: New Debian Site

I started pulling down some notes on what I think we could do to improve the site's

1) I noticed that when you get into a page of debian.org from google.com
usually you have no clue where you have ended up inside the site. I was thinking that
maybe a web crumbler could be useful to help the user understand his position inside
the site.

2) I find that the anchors inside the various sections are a bit confusing: it
kinda looks as if they were links to separate pages. What could be done is
to stylize them or/and right a title on top saying "Anchors" (or something like that).
What I find useful instead is an anchor linking to the top of the page, after each

3) The various languages selection are too much separated from the rest of the site
and is located at the bottom of the page. As Jakob Nielsen suggested, most, or almost
all users will not get to the bottom of the page before leaving the site.
Maybe I would also think of relocating the "Select a server near you".

4) Last I would also put a "print page" in each page so that users don't have to
print with all the colors in the way. (this can be easily done with CSSs.)

For now this is what I have come up with.
Please let me know your opinions and, if appreciated by the web developing team,
weather you are able to modify the site to implement these features.

Augusto Frausin

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