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Re: New deb mother tongue (CN problem)


> You need to specify the url(s) used. Most, but not all, of the Debian
> pages should handle en-us and en-gb just as en (due to the symlinks
> Josip mentioned). Other variants, such as en-ca (alone with no valid
> secondary choice) will return the smallest variant. It was random luck
> that pr was the smallest variant for the pages you viewed.

Yes, it seems random. And, so subtle I can't repeat it now.

I had two IE Win2k machines here giving identical (wrong) behavior when I
first reported the bug. Two different machines identically configured to
en-us only were consistently served Portuguese. The tip I received then was
to reconfigure IE to {en-us, en} instead of {en-us} and that "fixed" the
problem -- but only one machine at a time. Today with the browser back in
its original en-us configuration it returns en every time, no Portuguese.
Same thing using {en-ca}. I can't find anything wrong to fix.

Many people have complained to Debian about CN trouble. That is still
broken, right? I want to fix the problem in Apache so Debian won't need
symlinks workarounds anymore.

Can you tell me how to consistently get an unrelated CN language like
Portuguese from en-us?



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