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Re: New deb mother tongue (CN problem)

* Robin Rowe <rower@MovieEditor.com> [2002-10-03 13:58]:
> With IE set to only {en-us} I was getting Debian pages in pr, despite the
> fact that Portuguese was not one of the languages requested by the browser.

 That problem is a different one.  IE did send in some versions the
Accept-Language: en-us, *

 If you upgraded IE and it doesn't seem to send that anymore you can try
to add * to the language list -- I am not really sure if IE lets you do
this but that should get you to the problem.  Please don't use the main
pages for like said there is a work around at those to also be able to
provide en-us and en-gb.  I don't know which pages do not do this, but I
guess using the weekly news or the security advisories would be a good

 Have fun,
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