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Re: New deb mother tongue (CN problem)

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 01:32:33PM -0700, Robin Rowe wrote:
> I'm looking at debugging the CN problem, but now I can't replicate the bug.
> With a browser set to en-us only Apache is coming up with en consistently,
> whether viewing in IE or Mozilla. If I set Languages to {en-us, es}, I get
> es and not en, but I'm not sure that's a bug. The random language return
> when a browser is set only to en-us seems to be capricious. I can't fix it
> if I can't break it. Do you have any insights how to elicit the bad
> behavior?

Oh, it works for en-us and en-gb because we worked around it (we added
symlinks for all files). It doesn't work for other en-* variants, see this:

% wget -q --header="Accept-Language: en-us, fr" -O - www.debian.org | grep lang=
<html lang="en">

% wget -q --header="Accept-Language: en-ca, fr" -O - www.debian.org | grep lang=
<html lang="fr">

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