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Re: please remove yaboot-howto from CVS

[ Chris, are you subscribed to -www?  If so, let me know and I'll drop
you from the CCs]

On Tue, 2002-02-26 at 02:26, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  Were they combined in a single sgml file yet?  


> I guess someone could do
> a script that extracts the sgml version from the CVS and generate the
> pages from that - I don't like to see them disapear from the webpage,
> there are good reasons to have them there.

Well, we should link to the penguinppc.org site:

>  So, could you give us a hint where the CVS version is so someone could
> work on that script to get it from there?

I'm not sure where the CVS repository is.  You'll have to ask

>  And, a personal thing: Could you keep in mind to inform me when the
> english version of the howto is changed so I can update the translation?
> Would be great if it could be done in a webwml translation-check diff
> form that is easy to watch, but I could do that myself if I'm informed
> of changes and told the cvs repository.

Again, you'll have to ask Ethan; I'm just acting as a mediator.

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