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Re: New Makefile in i18n/l10n broken (was: webwml failed)

On Sun, Jun 10, 2001 at 04:38:27PM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > Those variables were there before I touched the file. In fact, I just
> > checked, they were introduced in revision 1.8, commited by french four
> > months ago.
> Just for the annoyed audience, Joy and I agreed that it wasn't Joy's
> mistake in the first place but Martin Oswany's.  However, the Makefile
That's a) misspelled b) not french. :)

> wasn't copied into all translations.  Since Joy copied it over, it was
> his fault in the second place. :))  [Sorry, Joy, you're still guilty]

Suuuure :>

> I noticed that you already committed a fix.  I could have shut up earlier
> if I knew that...  (but it's always fun to pester you)

(same here)

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