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Re: New Makefile in i18n/l10n broken (was: webwml failed)

On Sun, Jun 10, 2001 at 03:26:02PM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> However, the most recent change to Makefile(s) apparently introduced
> some strange dependency to team-po*something.
> I haven't verified it yet, but I assume that this is the offending
> code:
> +# $(ENGLISHDIR)/international/l10n/data/langs is generated by
> +# $(ENGLISHDIR)/international/l10n/makefile
> +LANGS_TMPL := $(shell grep 'templates:' $(ENGLISHDIR)/international/l10n/data/langs|sed 's/templates://')
> +LANGS_PO   := $(shell grep 'po:'        $(ENGLISHDIR)/international/l10n/data/langs|sed 's/po://')
> +LANGS_ALL  := $(shell grep 'all:'       $(ENGLISHDIR)/international/l10n/data/langs|sed 's/all://')
> +
> +HTML_PO   := $(foreach lang,$(LANGS_PO)  ,po-$(lang).$(LANGUAGE).html)
> +HTML_TMPL := $(foreach lang,$(LANGS_TMPL),templates-$(lang).$(LANGUAGE).html)
> +
> +all:: $(HTML_PO) $(HTML_TMPL)

Oh yeah, selectively parse diffs, that's just excellent :>

Those variables were there before I touched the file. In fact, I just
checked, they were introduced in revision 1.8, commited by french four
months ago.

> > Man, do I have to do everything here... :P
> If you break it, you ought to fix it as well, that's the rule.

I did not break it. Get it?

In any event, I fixed the Korean build, see

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