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Re: Title of web pages

On Sat, Apr 28, 2001 at 09:56:20AM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> > > Obviously, a lot of pages are directly and exclusively targetted at Debian
> > > GNU/Linux right now. The content of these pages list Linux resources,
> > > Vendors etc. However, they are not principally Linux-centric. As soon as the
> > > corresponding Debian GNU/Hurd resources come up, we want them to be listed
> > > there. This is happening gradually. For example, since some time we have at
> > > least two CD vendors who ship Debian GNU/Hurd CDs.
> > I'm not sure what you're saying here, but for a week or two the vendor's
> > page has those GNU/Hurd vendors listed.
> > 
> > I often talk about the Debian Project rather than using Debian
> > GNU/Linux.  The project produces the GNU/Linux distribution.
> > I suppose eventually all the pages will change over to it, afaik for
> > all New Maintainers we talk about joining the Debian Project rather than
> > GNU/Linux.
> Or maybe talk about ``Debian GNU'' as in ``Debian GNU/Linux'', ``Debian
> GNU/Hurd'' and ``Debian GNU/*BSD'' (maybe without the GNU/ fraction if
> the GNU tools will be kept out, but I doubt).

FWIW I wouldn't like the term "Debian GNU", if we want a short name,
"Debian" is good.

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