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New List Archiver


Ok guys.  I'm looking into a new list archiver and I need your opinions.  The
major reason for the change is the size of some archives.  One month of *INDEX*
for -devel or -user is huge and is unwieldly.  

The question: What "features" do we want to look for in a list archive format
and software? I know the ability to break the indices into multiple page is
one.  DFSG-free software is another.  Reading pgp-signed/mime format email is
another (Wichert Akkerman's emails are notorious for not archiving)

Doing a search of the Debian packages (ie. searching on words like "archive"
and "mail list", not reading every record), I've found three mailing list
archive programs already packaged and all DFSG-free. They are wmf, hypermail
and the current software.  The only package that has multiple page indices,
that I can see, is wmf and there is the debian-devel list archived for demo


I wrote the initial index.html.  If the indicies aren't there when you check
it, it's probably because I'm regenerating them as part of another test.  Be
patient and they'll come back. 

I'm going to start searching the web, now, for other software that's not
packaged.  If you know of anything DFSG-free, please let me know.  In the
meantime, check out the sample above and let me know.

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