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Please check/update the translations on the new multilingual template files

I am in the process of moving to the new multilingual template
files. Most of the changes have been committed to CVS and the
pages are being rebuilt as I write this.

Once the english pages finish rebuilding, all the other languages will
be converted to using filenames of the form *.<lang>.html by me.
Make sure you update your local repository and delete all the old
html files.

The SPI directory has not been converted yet. Once the other pages
are done, I'll work on that.

Everyone should check the pages to make sure I didn't introduce
any errors. Everything seems to have gone well, so you can wait
until the pages mirror tomorrow before checking them.

Translators need to make sure that the translations in
webwml/template/debian/* are accurate and complete. Test
that the changes you made are syntactically correct by doing
a make in webwml/english before you commit the changes.

Once a language coordinator is confident that the translation to
their language in webwml/english/template/debian/* is complete,
they can change over to using the multilingual template files.

Simply follow the steps below and everything should work
(<lang> refers to the language you are translating to)

- update <lang>/.wmlrc
  Use webwml/english/.wmlrc as a guide

- mv webwml/<lang>/Make.lang webwml/<lang>/Make.lang.bak
  cp webwml/english/Make* webwml/<lang>
  Then reapply any customizations you had made to Make.lang
- cd webwml/<lang> ; make

Once you are confident that the pages are correct, you can cvs commit.
That's it.

Jay Treacy

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