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Re: New List Archiver

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Darren Benham wrote:

> The question: What "features" do we want to look for in a list archive format
> and software? I know the ability to break the indices into multiple page is
> one.  DFSG-free software is another.  Reading pgp-signed/mime format email is
> another (Wichert Akkerman's emails are notorious for not archiving)

Yes, MIME-compliance is important.

Also, the ability to search by headers would be useful.  (I.e. messages
'from' Darren Benham).  The ability to do a search that didn't care about
the arbitrary time boundaries (find me all messages in the thread 'New
List Archiver' irrespective of the dates on which they occurred.).

Subject to whether or not it would swamp our servers, the ability to
customise the sectioning would be nice.  I.e. threaded or by date indices
produced on demand, subject to 'no more than 50 per page'.

(Unfortunately, I'm ill equipped to try your test pages, my university's
net connection has just died horribly..)

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