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Re: Please check/update the translations on the new multilingual template files

	I did... I prefer not having write access to the english pages in
case I make a mistake and goes unnotice for some time... I would encourage
all translators to do the sam...



On Wed, Jan 27, 1999 at 10:02:32PM -0500, James A. Treacy wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 28, 1999 at 01:38:47AM +0100, Javier Fdz-Sanguino Pen~a wrote:
> > 
> > 	I'm sorry... it seems I don't have write access to the english
> > files, I'm checking in the changes in the spanish template files... please
> > Jay, take the changes of the translation in spanish from there... thanks
> > 
> You do have access to the english directory. Did you, perhaps, originally
> check out the english directory using anonymous?
> Jay Treacy
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