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Re: Giving access to translators

On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 at 10:38:36PM -0500, James A. Treacy wrote:
> > 
> > 	1- Someone wants to help with the translation of the WWW server in
> > some language  should contact the coordinator
> >
> My apologies. From something he said, I assumed that he had talked with you.
> I thought of writing to you, but was in a rush so just gave him access since he
> is already a developer.

	Yes, he did... so he succeeded in step 1 ;)
> It is my intention that the coordinator control the translation. This not only
> makes the coordinators job easier since he knows what everyone is doing, but
> makes my job easier as I don't have to keep track of as many people.
> > 	2- If the coordinator approves, should ask with the one in charge of
> > giving away passwords (maybe share password with the coordinator is better?
> > That way theres is only one password per translation).
> > 
> > 	Step 2 should be more than "X said it is OK", but maybe a PGP mail
> > signed by him would do....
> > 
> It would be easier for me if each translation only has one account. The
> coordinators can either handle committing all pages or can give out the password
> as they see fit. The security risks of this latter approach should be acceptable
> since CVS allows us to undo any changes.

	My thoughts exactly, the step I feel has been ommited is step 2 (IF
the coordinator approves). Of course, I would not deny Jose the CVS password
(if I did maybe he could bring it up here and we could discuss it), but I
thought before giving away a password for the spanish directory you would
mail me a note.... 

	I agree with you in that each translation should only have one
account. That would also make it easier for you to track translators (since
it's easier to know when a password for "spanish" is not needed anymore, but
not if the password is of "javifs" for example)... so my suggestion is:

	- when somebody asks for CVS password of a translation that's being
worked on tell him to contact the coordinator. If he does not give it out
(maybe lost e-mail or is no longer working on it) then tell him to bring the
point in debian-www (active translators should be reading it).

	Is this OK?

> Since I'm not coordinating any translations, the translation coordinators will
> have a better idea what is best. I'm willing to make changes based on their
> recomendations.
> Jay Treacy

	Well, I hope you like my recommendation. Alas, please note that I
would have given Jose the password (he didn't ask me though ;) I just wanted
to give some "food for thought"...



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