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Re: Giving access to translators

On Thu, Jan 14, 1999 at 02:10:37AM +0100, Javier Fdz-Sanguino Pen~a wrote:
> 	Hi (in case you don't remember I'm coordinating the spanish
> translation of the WWW), recently I tried to make the translation of the WWW
> easier for other translators in giving them a little introduction to CVS and
> pointing them to sources elsewhere in the net.
> 	It seems it has worked since one of the spanish translators has
> access to the CVS server (Jose Rodriguez <boriel@arrakis.es>). I'm glad
> someone else has access to it, however, whomever gave him read/write access
> to the spanish directory didn't ask me.
> 	I told Jose Rodriguez to ask for the password, but I expected a
> confirmation from myself would be requested. Alas, it wasn't, somebody gave
> access to him without asking me.
> 	If you tell me I think this should not be the procedure. It should
> be:
> 	1- Someone wants to help with the translation of the WWW server in
> some language  should contact the coordinator
My apologies. From something he said, I assumed that he had talked with you.
I thought of writing to you, but was in a rush so just gave him access since he
is already a developer.

It is my intention that the coordinator control the translation. This not only
makes the coordinators job easier since he knows what everyone is doing, but
makes my job easier as I don't have to keep track of as many people.

> 	2- If the coordinator approves, should ask with the one in charge of
> giving away passwords (maybe share password with the coordinator is better?
> That way theres is only one password per translation).
> 	Step 2 should be more than "X said it is OK", but maybe a PGP mail
> signed by him would do....
It would be easier for me if each translation only has one account. The
coordinators can either handle committing all pages or can give out the password
as they see fit. The security risks of this latter approach should be acceptable
since CVS allows us to undo any changes.

Since I'm not coordinating any translations, the translation coordinators will
have a better idea what is best. I'm willing to make changes based on their

Jay Treacy

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